Junkosha Flat and High-Flex Cable

Super Low Outgassing Cable (SLO)

The demand for semiconductors is significantly increasing due to 5G, AI, autonomous driving, cloud services, IoT, EV vehicles, the metaverse, and other developments. At the same time, based on Moore's Law, semiconductor lithography has been achieving finer line widths and more precise processes, making the problems of particles and outgassing during the process more serious. In particular, cables used in ultra-high vacuum chambers such as EUV lithography systems and SEMs are subject to the most stringent demands for cleanliness (low particles and low outgassing), and at the same time, cables wired to the stage are required to additionally have high durability.
Junkosha provides super low outgassing cables(SLO) based on a consistent clean concept, from material selection to manufacturing, inspection, packaging, and shipping. We can customize the number of cores and shielding according to the environment of use and expected service life, and we can also offer round and flat cables suitable for every use.


- Low Outgassing: the amount of outgassing is extremely small in ultra-high vacuum environment
- Flexibility: Flexibility, a drawback of fluoropolymers, greatly improved
- High Durability: Proposals in accordance with the customer's life expectancy for moving parts
- Low Friction: Compared to other materials, low friction is dramatically improved


- EUV lithography equipment, SEM, mask inspection equipment, and mask lithography equipment for semiconductor manufacturing
- Satellites and other space equipment

Comprehensive Technical Data Overview

Fraunhofer Data

0.5 m/s1.0 m/s2.0 m/s

※The constituent materials are evaluated based on equivalent products.

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