Junkosha Microwave/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly

8 series - VNA Test Assembly [Official launch in December 2021]

Junkosha’s metrology-grade cable exhibits excellent phase (within +/- 4.5˚ at 50GHz) and amplitude (within +/- 0.08dB at 50GHz) stability in flexure alongside strong phase stability in temperature. The cable is flexible and can maintain this level of performance when bent 180˚ on a 2.25” radius mandrel, with no spring back. Able to reach 50GHz and available in a 2.4mm connector, the assembly also displays impressive performance durability – 50,000 tick tock cycles is typical. The ruggedized port side NMD connector is also available to ensure reliable connections to the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).


- The highest precision
- Guaranteed Phase & Amplitude stability
- Ruggedized NMD connectors available


- Vector network analyzers
- Calibration
- The highest accuracy measurement


Cable Type25”38”
Electrical PropertiesMaximum Operating Frequency (GHz)50
Characteristic Impedance Nom. (Ω)50
Maximum Phase Stability (degree @50 GHz)4.59.0
Maximum Amplitude Stability (dB @50 GHz)0.080.15
Nominal Velocity of Propagation (%)79
Typical Insertion loss (dB @50 GHz)3.65.1
Maximum Insertion loss (dB @50 GHz)4.56.2
Typical VSWR1.43:1
Shielding Effectiveness to 18GHz (dB)> 90
MechanicalCable Outer Diameter [ in (mm) ]0.56 (14.2)
Minimum Bending Radius [ in (mm) ]2.25 (57)
Typical Cable Mass [ oz/ft (g/m) ]4.63 (430)
Operating Temperature Range (°C)23+/-5°
Tyipical Phase Stabillty in Flexure
Test condition
Sample length: 635 mm.
Bend condition
1) Initial straight shape
2) Bent 180° 114 mm mandrel
3) Back to the straight shape again
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