Junkosha Microwave/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assembly

0 Series - Precision Test Grade Phase Stability

Superior phase stability against bending and temperature fluctuations makes this cable assembly perfect as a vector network analyzer connector for measurement.
Continuous operation temperature range: -30 to +85°C.
7 cables with different maximum usage frequencies (26.5 GHz, 50 GHz, 67 GHz, 70 GHz, 110 GHz, 120 GHz and 145 GHz) are available.

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- Thin and flexible
- We have a lineup of coaxial cables with Time Delay of 3.6ns/m and 3.8ns/m and Velocity of Propagation of 77-79%


- Vector network analyzers
- RF and high-speed digital testing devices
Cable TypeMWX021MWX051MWX061MWX071MWX001MWX002MWX004
Maximum Operating Frequency26.5 GHz50.0 GHz67.0 GHz70.0 GHz110.0 GHz120.0 GHz145.0 GHz
Typical Insertion
@18.5 GHz1.
@Maximum Frequency2.
Cable Outer Diameter(mm)
Mass (g/m)122767373505050
Continuous Operating Temperature(℃)-30 ~+85
Assembly Length(mm)Minimum700700700700100100100

This table provides standard length availability within our catalog. We can provide custom lengths upon request; please contact us to discuss.

MWX021 Static Bending Test

Measure by Winding the Test Cable 360 ° Around A φ60 mm Mandrel * 26.5 GHz Guaranteed Value within ± 5.7 °

MWX021 Temperature-Phase Data

Increase the Temperature of the Test Cable in Steps of -30 ° C to 20 ° C and Measure for Each Frequency (Leaving Time at Each Temperature is 1 Hour)

How to Use "Safety Lock Mechanism" of 1.0 mm(m) Connector

Option: Non-Armor Type

Non-Armor Type is available in MWX051 (2.4 mm & 2.92 mm) & MWX061 (1.85 mm) for Wafer Probe Station.
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